Frequently Asked Questions

Starting from version 2, TEMS is distributed with Debug Mode = ON, unlike most other applications. The reason for this decision is to identify any and all issues at the starting point, even if it is just a notice or merely a technical information.

If error appears at the bottom of the screen, read it carefully. For most cases, the errors are just technical notices; nothing to be worried about. You should install the latest version [see the about page to find the version number]; check our demo site, if it exists there; and inform us immediately to get it fixed.

To TURN OFF the debug mode:

In version 2: Go to the "config" directory and rename the file "debug.txt" to "nodebug.txt".

In version 3: Go to "core/config" directory and open the "config.ini" to edit. Change the line "debug = DEBUG" to "debug = NODEBUG", and save it.


Normally, there will be no reasons to manipulate the Database.ini file, once TEMS is installed correctly. However, if there is a reason for you to do it, here is the detail.

1. Go to the "config" directory.

2. "Database.ini" will look like as below. [This is just an example, your information will be different based on what you have provided at the time of installation.]


db_server = localhost
db_database = temsdb
db_user = temsuser
db_password = super_secret

You can manually edit it and save it there.

Tems can easily be installed on a shared hosting server. The only requirements are the hosting server should have MySQL, Apache Http server, and support PHP. These are very common features in every hosting service provider.

In a shared hosted environment, you have to create the database manually before running the TEMS installation program. Pay attention to the direction on the installation screen that appears during installation.

Tems does not have any HTTP server specific codes in it. However, we have tested it on Apache server only. If you want to run Tems on Microsoft Windows operating system, we recommend you to use Apache. If you want to run it on IIS, please contact our support line and we will be happy to help you.